Irish Origins from 5200 year old female

Ancient DNA sheds light on Irish origins - BBC News and this one including a video

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She must be really old. Does she use Mary K? I am sure she is not a bonnie lace that I would have dated when I was young. I only dated the best. What about you, Patrick? I wonder.

You shouldn’t talk about one of your great, great …great grandmothers like that. :grinning: She worked hard to raise children who had children that eventually lead to your mother and father. She had a hard life, hunting and gathering food for her family’s survival. You should be grateful for your ancestors’ hard work and toil so that you can live in what they would call luxury. :grinning:

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You do have a good sense of humor, Patrick. Yes, I should have respect for my elders. Have a great New Year.

Your friend,


She is really likely to be one of your 208th great…great…great grandmothers. You can have your dna sequenced and compared with her’s at 23 and me.

You are a good man, Patrick. I will keep the information. Have a good New Year. :laughing:

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