Intermediate Giraffe Fossil Found - a PERFECT missing link!

Probably others just saw this article as well !

A great and inspiring pro-Evolutionary read!

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George - I guess it may well show transition… however, prior to this find some of the tallest giraffes were the earliest, and nobody said “This is good evidence that we were wrong to say their necks got longer”. So it’s all a question of when one stops the clock and says one’s theory is confirmed. One fossil does not prove a general trend.

That said, as you know I have no problem with the likelihood that there was some directional change, in an unknown number of stages. The problem is that is doesn’t prove anything beyond that - it hits the YECs, maybe, but doesn’t confirm any specific scientific theory, which is the real job in hand.

(At least, I hope university biology departments don’t exist just to disprove religion!)

Adaptationist theories (such as the one Darwin proposed against Lamarck’s “stretching for high leaves” theory) just don’t work, because observation shows giraffes don’t reach for the highest leaves, even in drought, and in any case the females are much shorter than the males so would peg out in any scenario of lack of low vegetation. There are other issues too.

Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig’s work (from an ID perspective) is online in two parts and is an excellent read.


Are you telling me that you are a YEC? I had no idea that there were so many YEC’s on these Boards!


Why would mentioning YECs make me one? What’s the point of writing serious posts about science and theology when people can’t read plain English?

Here is a fascinating video on giraffes, and includes a necropsy and info on its evolution. Inside Nature’s Giants: Gifaffe

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I have seen this video and it is really amazing how the nerve loops around instead of going straight across like a competent designer would do. Instead it takes most of a second for signals to go up the neck and back.

Indeed–the recurrent laryngeal nerve is odd, especially so in the giraffe. Easily explained by evolution, since evolution can’t go back to the drawing board. But now everybody will be mad at me.


not so easy. evolutionary scientists also claimed that the retina design is poor. but they wrong about that:

Good paper. Your right, the retina was a good design for optimizing sharp vision.

Jon, it was the way you mentioned it in your posts. You sound so grievously hurt at my suggestion. My apologies for jumping when I shouldn’t.

I considered your discussion of Providence to be a complete detour into the unnecessarily fanciful. I should have just said THAT.


My only quibble with the program is that the scientist speaks rather loosely about the giraffe’s four stomachs, when in fact it has one stomach with four chambers. But it’s pretty common to talk like that that when speaking casually. The giraffe is a ruminant, like a cow, and has a four-chambered stomach, consisting of the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum.

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