Interesting video for education and homeschooling

Hi, I’ve recently watched this video about public education in the US, and it says many good things about homeschooling. I thought you might be interested in that:

Hope you like it.
All the best.

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Do you remember where in the video they focus on homeschooling? (For those of us who don’t have time to watch the whole thing.)

Sorry for my late reply!
The video is rich with various references and praise to Home Schooling. They highly encourage it. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly the timing.
One is for example: 1h:48m.
Hope it helps.

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Thanks for sharing. I will definitely watch it cause I’m making research about education in the USA. I will share it with you when I finish it. Also, if you have some other video on this topic please share them with me. Thanks in advance.

You’re welcome.
Let us know your future results.
Good luck.