INTEGRATE: First 3 units are out!


The first three units of BioLogos INTEGRATE, a high school curriculum tackling contemporary faith science issues, were released today.

Until October 31, you can download the first unit for free with the promo code FREE1.

Here is an article describing it with the links you need:

As always, I’m happy to answer questions or talk more about it.


Do you know if international shipping is available? We are overseas workers in Thailand. Would love to have access to these resources. Thanks for any advice.

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It’s a digital resource, and right now i believe the issue for international customers has something to do with taxes not shipping. I think that if you had a US address you could put in at checkout (a family member’s or something), you could order it. Nothing would actually ship, because it’s a download.

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“…we conducted focus groups with Christian school science teachers and homeschool parents. It became clear that they didn’t need a complete new science curriculum. What they wanted were vetted, high-quality resources to supplement their existing curricula”

This sounds very hopeful.

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