Insight on Why We Post

Thanks to @jpm for this article; Scot McKnight’s humble attitude always convicts me. I hesitate to post this, given the convicting content, though! It’s an interesting insight into various reasons for seeking affirmation from others.

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After reading this, I have examined my motives a bit, and it has tempered some of my posts. I still find that most of the time when I post on misguided friend’s posts, it is with hesitancy as I know the response will probably be negative. I find I post here at times perhaps for affirmation (grandstanding?) but often because I enjoy the community and hearing the different voices.


Plus I figure that’s the point of communication. We express our beliefs, we have them challenged and critiqued and agreed with and it helps us judge better if we are right. To me posting is the same as holding a discussion in person as far as motives go.

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But I do agree that it’s not good for people to comment just so they can get likes and if they don’t then they feel bad. It’s also clearly wrong to attack others just to make yourself feel better. That’s something even as a kid you were taught about to ensure you don’t bully. But I do feel that it’s normal to be happy when others agree with your particular opinion. I feel even in day to day that goes up. People often make statements and then pause, waiting to see if the other person agrees or not and then goes from there.

On a side note I want to read the book reading romans backwards, but part of me also
Just think that it’s probably about reading romans backwards so maybe I should just do that.

I imagine it’s potentially a sort of commentary linking the dots backwards to give a clearer understanding. I heard a podcast about that book. I do want to read through the New Testament in chronological order and see if it pieces things together more seamlessly.

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Nice article about ego :wink:

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