Infodynamics and implications tied to Creationism

Hi, all! I’m a new member that found this forum through my efforts examining YEC vs “old universe” frameworks - specifically, this article.

Somehow this led me to research a vague remembrance I had of simulation theories tied to the origin of the universe. This led me to Information Dynamics or Infodynamics (here is another more introductory link). I searched the forum for both and didn’t find anything, so I decided to start an introductory post. I believe this field of research has significant implications for scientific creationists in general and YECs, specifically.

I appreciate your thoughtful responses.

Welcome to the forum! i enjoyed reviewing the article on light speed you referenced, but alas, the info dynamics article is a bit much for me so I cannot comment, but look forward to see what sense others make of it. I have a real adversion to thinking of information as being the same as physical reality, rather than purely descriptive, if I understand the proposal correctly.


and thank you! Yes, I am also interested to get perspectives from folks that could parse through the data better than I!

Hi @oddXian and welcome. Simulation theories strike me as interesting but not persuasive, although I can’t say that I’ve looked into them in any depth. The Infodynamics stuff, on the other hand, just looks wrong to me. It’s basically one guy writing little-noticed papers, proclaiming his discovery of a new law of physics that will revolutionize our understanding of everything – that’s always worrying. The core idea is that the information entropy (defined in a certain way) of a digital system always decreases. If you look at the paper proposing the law (here), however, you’ll find that it actually contains no justification for the law. All it does is calculate the changing informational entropy for a single system (SARS-CoV-2 viruses as they mutate) and show that it has decreased. Mostly, that is – the kicker is that the entropy (shown in Fig. 3) actually did increase sometimes. You can’t base a basic law describing the behavior of the universe on a single example in which the law kind of holds, almost.

The supposed law as applied to mutating viruses also makes no sense from either a physics or biology perspective. There is nothing in conventional thermodynamics that constrains mutations to decrease the informational entropy, and there is nothing in genetics or virology either.


If you are interested in discussion of universal information and simulation, you might enjoy Matt O’Dowd’s PBS Space Time YouTubes. For my part, I’m have invested only a somewhat disinterest tourist stop on the subject, but it does not look like it has much to offer in terms of science vs YEC.

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