In Honor of the Pilgrim Harvest Thanksgiving!

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In honor of our Pilgrim forefathers … Happy Thanksgiving to all staff and participants on the BioLogos boards!

The Brownists and other Pilgrim-style Independents opposed the Too-Papist nature of Christmas celebrations. So they co-opted the traditional English Harvest Festival as their holiday feast.

The foods bear a resemblance to Christmas food - - because it was!
It was just a month earlier.

At Plymouth Plantation, where the work ethic was legally enforced, Catholics and Anglicans had to get a special ruling that they didn’t have to work on Christmas day. They could do so, as long as it was in the privacy of their home . . . no playing loud “reindeer games” in pubic!


(Patrick ) #2

Thank the Indians for saving the Pilgrims from starvation.

And yes, Happy Thanksgiving to all.

(George Brooks) #3

Ahhh yes… we mustn’t forget that!

I used to volunteer to promote Federal recognition of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe - - who were already recognized by the State of Massachusetts. Only a handful of years ago, the Mashpee Wampanoag was recognized!


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Very nice. That was a very good thing to work on. Positive action for a good cause. Good for goodness sake.

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