Imagining dinosaurs aboard the ark:A model from the Creation Museum

If you look closely you can see a dinosaur aboard the ark in one of the chambers.

It’s very well-known that the museum and Ark Encounter feature dinos in their exhibits:

The upper-right stall appears to hold Holsteins, a modern cattle breed that would not have existed ~4000 years ago. :wink:

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An interesting thing about Holsteins is they are very inbred, and all 9 million or so are offspring of 1 of 2 bulls, with a total genetic diversity of an effective population size of 50. So maybe the flood DID cause a severe bottleneck…

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Note also that the Holsteins are the same size as both the Tyranosaurus rex and the raptors!

Holy Cow! :cow2: :laughing:


Are you implying that people who design museum displays for educational purposes should actually do some research not use their imaginations and artistic license? What a party pooper.


Jon talks about the Archaeopteryx models in the Ark Encounter, and it was pretty cool!

Well in their defense, small scale modelling for dioramas it a very labor intensive art. I can’t really blame them for using easily available figures rather than building from scratch.

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