If a natural disaster wiped out mankind, would God recreate more humans?

(Gary John) #1


  1. Would the earth still keep revolving around the sun until heat death of the universe, and

  2. Would life on other planets (assuming there might be) continue to evolve and would God endow them with their own unique “resurrection” history and guide them in a way as to get to know him and be saved?


(George Brooks) #2


Why do I feel like you have just entered a discussion between Reform and Orthodox Jews with a question like:

"What if circumcision was no longer necessary? "

I think most people here, in either side, don’t believe God will end Earth in the way you describe.

(Gary John) #3

Sorry, sir. I can’t see the connection.

(George Brooks) #4


That’s what I was thinking too.

Why would BioLogos supporters or opponents have any special expertise in the premise that the Earth’s future differs from the biblical view?

(Bill Wald) #5

We are told by “scientists” that there have already been two or three mass extinctions on this planet thus the last million years may be God’s 3rd attempt.

(If Astronomy is "scientific then) This planet will not be circling the sun at the heat death of the universe because the sun will evolve and consume the earth long before the heat death.

Maybe God has or will create a sentient race on another planet that did/will not commit the first sin.