(Idea) Wouldn’t it be awesome if Biologos had an app?

So I’ve been hanging around on Biologos for a couple weeks now, and from what I’ve seen the main demographic of people on here are 30+ (maybe 25+), and most of you guys are computer users. [Note: this is only from what I’ve observed and I may very well be incorrect]

As some of you may know, trying to use a computer based site on a mobile device is difficult. I’m not going to disclose my age, but I am part of Gen Z, and I can attest that I do prefer apps compared to websites, as they are easier to use, they run better on my devices (since I do not own a computer), and they are easier to navigate. I’m no major scientist or anything, but according to this link: https://jmango360.com/wiki-pages-trends/mobile-app-vs-mobile-website-statistics/ - quite a bit of people would prefer an app to a website as well.

I am not saying that Biologos is impossible to use on a mobile device (I’m using one right now), but navigating the website, attempting to make new topics, trying to view pictures, etc are slightly awkward on my mobile device. For instance, when I am trying to create a new topic, my phone does this little “flash” as I type. Other times I cannot view pictures that people post in forum responses etc (they appear as blank boxes). Trying to copy and paste is a nightmare (selecting stuff is very difficult for some reason).

Maybe a new system like Reddit would make Biologos more accessible - where you have a mobile version and a website version. Please tell me if you guys think my idea has any merit (or not) and if any of you have similar problems.


BioLogos.org works fine on my iPad. The only minor disadvantage is that since the virtual keyboard takes up a little over half the screen in landscape view and the headings bars and text entry box take up the rest (in either orientation), if there is another comment posted while I am composing one, I won’t see it. (It’s not too bad on my iPhone either, the hand-me-down iPhone 7 Plus from my son that I use as an iPod Touch with no cell service account.)

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I agree, an app would be great and make BioLogos more accessible to a wider audience. The idea of interacting app and website versions, so people could still use their computers while others use the app - and both can comment and interact on the same threads etc would be excellent. Whoever designed the chat forum knew what they were doing and I’d be surprised if BioLogos - smart people - couldn’t make an app. Where there’s a will …

I think Discourse.org developers have most platforms in view.

Right. The software that runs the forum wasn’t developed by BioLogos, it is Discourse. So people probably need to bug the Discourse developers about their stuff not being mobile friendly.

Hillary keeps things hopping on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for people who would rather use those platforms, but it seems like the Forum here is the place where we get the most engagement. I think part of that is the demographic of users skews older and retired folks have more time. I also think the Discourse platform allows for more in-depth discussion than social media, which is better for reading/sharing articles and making adding a quick thought or two. It doesn’t work as well for extended debate of more complex topics.

By navigating the website are you talking about Biologos.org or the Discourse Forum?


As one of those older, retired sorts I have to say this site works better on my cell phone than any other I use, including some like Fb for which I have the app. The barrier for me is keying in responses on the phone. I’m much more comfortable on a full sized key board.

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