I was curious if anyone had any information abiogenesis?

I saw this link in a Facebook group and realized it’s one of the things I’ve actually never got that deep into and was wondering if anyone had any good links or books on this subject?

I’ve heard something about a “chemical soup” and how they could combine and evolve in combinations over time and ect… but would like to know more about it.

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I think we don’t have anything to be afraid of in this sort of endeavor, and doing such research actually can be God glorifying (He never asked us to avoid using the minds He gave us). I’d be interested in this, too.

Here’s a cartoon that is relevant (but would only push the abiogenesis question back further):

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Definitely. I think it’s perfectly fine to study and i doubt anything from it can change my view.

I already believe in a creator, and believe that faith in a creator initiating the cosmos. None of that undermines abiogenesis to me and it’s mostly unrelated to evolution.

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Whenever I skirt the idea of abiogenesis in classes I teach, I always tell my students there’s a guaranteed Nobel Prize in there. Partially because it would obviously be an amazing question to answer, even if we can never be certain about it, but also because it’s such a difficult question! If you want a primer, I’d peruse the Wikipedia article and jump off from there: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenesis

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It’s a rational fact for sure.

You think that award is just going to keep growing, like a Lotto Jackpot, the longer it goes? :rofl:

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Probably but those waiting with results for the prize to go up had better be careful not to get scooped by another group.

Last I heard no one had gotten unambiguous positive results. I wonder if there is something about a planet with the right stuff but devoid of life which evokes the process?


@Randy, tell you what, I set up a journal, you submit that WebComic, I’ll peer review it and submit your ‘findings’ to the Royal Society and we’ll split the $10M 50/50.

Deal? :money_mouth_face:


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