I did a search for "Most Influential People in History"

Where do you think Christ Jesus ranked? He was at or close to the top in some results. Then I came to a Wikipedia result that used a “Python Script” that I found the results of very surprising, and alarming.

[A group of computer programmers put together a Python script that collects data on hundreds of thousands of Wikipedia entries. It then ranks them by length of entry, number of links to pages, and how long they lived.]


Is this what we get, a future of Artificial intelligence, with no moral consciousness?

Hi Ted, and welcome to the forum. I agree that this list is pretty inadequate, and should make us question how exactly “influence” is analyzed, and whether it’s something that can be calculated at all. I would think that judging the influence of a living person is more possible with technology since it’s easier to count followers and mentions. But evaluating historical influence is a much more nuanced thing.

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