I.D. is just another example of an Alleged Proof of God

Quote from @colewd from another Blog:
ID is science based on the standards of science. All you are left with is subjective non scientific arguments that violate proper philosophical standards.


This quote from you (shown above, and made in another blog) has to be your most egregiously erroneous statement there to date!:

This is a better description:

I.D. is better understood as “an Epistemological Assertion that the sciences can document and demonstrate God’s existence by demonstrating the presence of God’s design in creation.”

In other words, ID is a sub-topic of the vastly more general topic: Proving the Existence of God.

Any philosopher or scientists can see that I.D. is not self-evidently true - - since if it were, the question of whether or not we could Prove God’s Existence would be considered TRUE and CONFIRMED!

Aye, it’s not disinterested.

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