Hurricane Theology-- How to Pray?

In Southern Virginia we are preparing (I was so tempted to use prepping instead of preparing. Funny thing, language.) for Hurricane Florence. I find myself asking myself how should I pray? “Please let the storm miss us” makes me feel uncomfortable–seemingly it would set up a competition between our region and neighboring regions as to whose prayers are the most efficacious. In the end I am just going to settle for: “God, keep us and our neighbors safe.”


Regardless of the actual content, I suspect it’s always better to pray in a secure, well-prepared and sturdy location.


Part of your prayer is in all the preparations you are making for it. We can also pray that it will have weakened intensity before it makes landfall even if that doesn’t seem likely.

In any case we’ll be eager to hear from you when it is passed too.

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I’m sure God’s hearing a lot of, “Please don’t let it be as bad as everyone says it will be!”

Hoping and praying that’s the case!

A very interesting post, as just earlier today a friend posted to pray and added that Pat Robertson’s prayers turned a big storm away from the coast a few years ago, and I see where he is praying this one turns.
While I believe in prayer, not sure about its appropriateness with moving hurricanes. And not sure about Pat Robertson, even though he accepts evolution. I guess we just do the best we can and pray for safety and comfort for any affected, and aid any we can.

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