Humor in Science and Theology

K40-Ar40, perhaps?

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No comment. Any words I may write in praise of this edgy Paleozoic masterwork of the 2000’s could never do it justice.

This is from a science textbook. Look familiar to anyone?

We have a copy of it, and noticed a few random errors, but it is generally quite well done.

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Okay - I give up. Can anybody explain the humor of the last four or so pics above to me? I mean … I guess the “stop them from evolving” one is a bit amusing. But everything else about the above four pics just looks random and meaningless to me.


Hey, I don’t get them either! Thank you for breaking the ice! @Combine_Advisor :slight_smile:

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I’ll try my best to explain the humor!

So the first one I sent is a joke about the game Half Life. The creators of this game are notorious for promising a third installment and then taking a while to make it, so it was only a matter of time before somebody superimposed a reference on top of a textbook graph about the decay of elements.

The rest of the stuff is post-ironic humor, so it isn’t supposed to make much sense; the fact that the bizarre images exist, unapologetically fail to deliver the expectation of a well-structured joke despite often being presented as such, and are strange to the point of being meaningless can be funny to some people. Come to think of it, it’s weirdly nihilistic…

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The last one was the funniest to me.

The joke seems to be that while we know that muscles are what makes us move, it’s usually because of anatomy and physiology and not because of some Hellbound heart escapee
chasing us down. It looks like a skinless nightmare chasing down the person, when it’s just a metaphor concerning muscle movement.

I did not really get the first one and I never watched the video.


The first one is a reference to how long it’s taking Valve to make the game Half Life 3, which was promised to come out soon…it’s been 14 years now.

The video is a slideshow of Anomalocaris art from 2009 with the song “Bring Me To life”. It’s strangely passionate.

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As a big Half Life fan I thought the image was very funny. Sadly, I don’t think they’ll ever be a Half Life 3.

Valve released HL2 to show off what it’s engine could do and ensure there was at least one AAA game on Steam when it launched. I don’t think they ever expected it to be so popular.

A shame really, Gordon deserves better.

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Especially Adrian Shephard. Remember him? I bet Valve doesn’t!

Mushroom ID? Xd. Perhaps it’s an Amansava?


Is that really a mushroom? Wow, that’s convincing!

Ken Ham would have humans taking dinosaur reins. :grin:

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Noah after getting the ok to eat meat from God for being such a good zookeeper, circa 3,000 BC


Is this a painting of St. Thomas Aquinas, or is it of someone else?




I’m unashamedly stealing this. Fortunately my sins are forgiven.


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