Humor in Science and Theology

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My brother in West Africa sent me this advert from South Africa-- “lobola” is bride price. It illustrates the trouble of miscommunication.

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(Dang 11 character rule.)

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Ha! I was going more for “terrifying.” :smiley:


A bit of lab humor.


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very much so! good illustration.

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To combine fall beauty, God, dogs and internet addiction:

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I think this is the right place for this. Recently in reading Jonathan Edwards (crystal clear, whether you agree or not) and a modern theological paper on the same topic (impenetrable) inspired me to take a sarcastic shot about the invasion (my word) of reformed Theology from the hard-core academic philosophical perspective. The shot was a new Physical Law:

The Inverse Square Law of Theological Clarity:

V = k/(1 + O²) , (Eq. 1)

where V is a measure the value (and clarity, and comprehensibility) of the explanation (measured in units of Sprouls , in honor of RC), k is a universal constant that must be determined by experiment, and O^2 is the square of the number of times the word ontological is used in the theological explanation.

Apologies to all philosophers (any offense was not entirely unintended.) Yes I am aware of the irony that Sproul was trained in philosophy. Finally, does anyone know how to make a superscript here? It would have made my Law look much more professional.

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Great addition to the list… Thanks.

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I fixed it for you. The only way I know how is by using Word’s “insert symbol” function and finding the superscript 2 character and then cutting and pasting it in. I don’t know anything about computers, but I think it probably has to do with the difference between a unique unicode character and some kind of formatting option on a regular 2.

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OK I think this is within the rules and not an illegal bleg, but if it is please delete. It is, in honor of the recent World Series, a blog (intended to be humorous, no promises) on God and Baseball Statistics.


You can do it in HTML

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Also don’t forget:

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Awesome! I showed this to my wife. Thanks. It made our hour.!

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I was just sitting here lamenting the late start I was getting to my morning when I have my brother’s family coming over this afternoon. Then I read Peva’s post and remembered that I had forgot to travel back in time! Now I am an hour richer.

By the way, I just heard about the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and have decided to buy a copy (since I would otherwise have to be 49th on a waiting list of 50 at my local library). I wonder who has read it and what they think of it. I did research the archive to find a poster named Patrick back in October of 2015 who was very positive, but I don’t think it was the subject of the thread. For this website I imagine another of that author’s books entitled Homo Deus would either be even more intriguing or more threatening depending.

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Best joke I ever heard told by one middle school student to another:

Q: What did the elephant say to the naked guy?

A: Cute, but how do you eat with it?

Which reminds me of another cornball joke, perhaps its runner up … in two parts:

Q1: Why do ducks have flat feet?
A: From stomping out forest fires.

Q2: Why do elephants have flat feet?
A: From stomping out burning ducks.

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What’s the difference between boogers and broccoli?
Kids won’t eat broccoli.

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That is hilarious. And as with most humor, has a bit of truth in it as we as evangelicals are often woefully ignorant of our own religion. (Now was that sermon someone recommended from Paul McDonald, or was it George MacArthur? Anyway, one of those Scot preachers.)