Humor in Science and Theology

(Randy) #264

You mean Ronald McDonald? :smile:

(Randy) #265

From one of my coworkers today: Did you hear about the kid napping at school? They woke him up.

(Randy) #266

(Mark D.) #267

Poor old God doesn’t seem to be enjoying all the groping, or maybe its the certainty with which the conflicting claims are being made that has Him worried.

(Christy Hemphill) #268

I think maybe this is supposed to be an allusion to the blind man and the elephant story.

(Randy) #269

Yes, definitely. I thought it was a good illustration. Maybe it wasn’t really funny.

(Phil) #270

I thought it was good, but lacked the various demoninations saying something relevant to their understanding of God.

(Mark D.) #271

Oh I thought that for sure.

But still, God #metoo?

(Christy Hemphill) #272

:slight_smile: To me, it looked less like groping and more like a mother with a bunch of toddlers.

(Mark D.) #273

Could have been my mother. I’m the second of seven, something I’ve always thought sounded like a Borg designation.

(Phil) #274

I was reading of the redefinition of the kilogram and this just struck me as funny, perhaps because of of the USA centered nature of the evolution debate, and how we wish to define things in our terms and what makes us comfortable:

(Mark D.) #275

I laughed out loud, a rare occurrence these days. Thanks.

(Jay Johnson) #276

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends! (And to the rest of you, too!)

(Mervin Bitikofer) #277

I had to stare at that for a solid minute before I got it. You should just let Jesus ‘take the wheel’ indeed!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Jay.

(Mark D.) #278

Sure glad you spoke up. I was telling myself that emperor must have on fine cloths even if I couldn’t see them.

(Mark D.) #279

Just heard this one:

If you’re not part of the solution, you must be part of the precipitate.

(Randy) #280

Now that’s a solidly good play on words.

I think you have just the right formula!

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(Phil) #284

Just put up the tree today.

(Dominik Kowalski) #285