Humor in Science and Theology

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That is great!

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Sorry I don’t know how to make the image show here but I saw this on Fb and thought it would be such a good fit.

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Great one :slight_smile: That reminds me that my kids just recently read a book called “Bad Kitty,” in which the author theorized that one could be economical–doggy heaven is the same place as “Kitty Hell”–and made a great drawing of great, lolloping, drooling dogs chasing bad cats through the clouds interminably.

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God could save a great deal of trouble for himself by doing the same for conservatives and liberals.

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Hah! Or extremists of any ilk.

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Owe you one. It took some looking, but how do you like this one?

Ghandi was a famous human rights activist in India that greatly contributed to the country gaining its independence from England. He was well known for his humble living style, even going so far as to not wear shoes which made his feet hard and cracked, a sign of his connection with the common man. His spirituality was a powerful factor in gaining support from both domestic and international bodies, and he was considered something of a spiritual leader. His frequent use of hunger strikes, however, left him very weak later in his life, and his strict diet also contributed to his notoriously foul breath. On the whole though, this man will be remembered as a


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The explanation leaves out one thing. There is not only a matter of being a part of their world but also that of having the desire to be a part of it. As long as “world of warcraft” or whatever remains something you don’t want to be a part of then what they say will remain unintelligible. But you can also let yourself be draw into their world and then it becomes possible, however long it takes, to make sense of what they say.

Don’t get me wrong… there is nothing judgmental meant about this. We all have to make choices about what to do with our lives and there is nothing wrong with deciding you are not going to go in that direction. But if you want to know why you cannot understand some people, this is the explanation.

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That is yet one more meaning for the phrase “possible worlds”. The Lion’s isn’t, the WoW player’s might be.

Wittgenstein's Lion
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thank you for the holy offering to this effort.

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I hear that if you say it fast enough it’s really quite atrocious, but YMMV.

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I think human beings even have the capacity to be drawn into the world of lions… or insects… or plants… or fungi… or fish… or microbes. The interests and passions of people are vastly diverse… and when they really devote their lives to understanding something, I wouldn’t put it past people to even understand these creatures if they could speak.

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Is this the same thread you intend, @mitchellmckain? Humor–I’m just confused. It’s fine either way! Thanks.

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But if we could understand, we might find something like this:

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@markD, what doe “YMMV” mean? Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I was confused also Randy until I realized his comment referred back to an old post from July 14th. You can click on the icon on a post in the upper right corner with the little reply arrow, and it will bring up the post referenced.

YMMV-your mileage may vary