Human Evolution: Watch Party and Live Chat at the American Museum of Natural History

You are invited to a Watch Party and Live Chat (for all ages) at the American Museum of Natural History. It’s May 1, Friday at 1:35 pm.
Search for fossil human ancestors in Kenya, explore the human family tree, and take a guided tour through the Museum’s Spitzer Hall of Human Origins all while you #StayHome [#WithMe]

You can set a reminder on YouTube.

Assistant Curator of Anthropology Ashley Hammond and educator Frances Forrest will be answering your questions LIVE right here on Friday, May 1, at 1:35pm!

Here’s the link: Human Evolution and Live Chat

I’m sure it will be recorded for later viewing if you miss it, but try make it if you or the kids have questions. I might mention that the Hall of Human Origins is very beautiful, especially the dioramas.


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I’ll have to catch it later if it’s uploaded to YouTube as a video or something. Definitely would be interesting and is one of things I’ve been studying lately as a hobby reading focus.

This is awesome! We will share this morning.

Thanks for sharing, just watched it and thought they did a good job. The Smithsonian Miseum on natural history also has a good exhibit, under construction when I visited a couple of years back, financed by the people many love to hate, one of the Koch brothers.

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