Human Embryo Gene Editing: We Need To Think This Through Carefully (An Interview with Francis Collins)

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As I am listening, three sort of comporiable issues to constructing Constitution.

Gene equal selection. Is each life form allowed claim to beest available heart organ, leg muscles, etc.,?

Adaptive existing knnormative editing? (intelligent Human selection of modern adaptive outfiting of already detected at least somewhere so match to time of living.

Forward editing , if it is presumed these edits are passed generationally, is there an above or new gene step forward to future needs not forseen in existing genome.

Another category, if it exists in the biotechnolog space here as something that ties to CAS9 type things, can defective developmentall genes which did not permit normal anatomical development during natal or later body maturing, can those genes be “rebooted and reactivated” in some fixed state and “get the iizard to regrow its tail?”

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