Hugh Ross response to the cliams by former former intelligence official David Grusch

I know i dont appear to be one who supports the scientific approach, indeed im sure there are those here who are convinced i wont even read from the opposition…the truth is i regular go outside my comfort zone when reading (maybe this should be used as a reference for identifying one of the major differences between SDA and JW we are very different)


Anyway, i thought this article from the ministries website of Hugh Ross was a wonderful smackdown of an individual who clearly had an axe to grind…

“United States Air Force officer and former intelligence official David Grusch appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Authority on July 26, 2023, to offer testimony on the government’s alleged withholding of evidence of unidentified anamolous phenomena (UAPs or UFOs). He told the congressional committee the US government has been covering up physical alien spacecraft since the 1930s, and that physical evidence included not only large components of the spacecraft but “biologic material” as well.”

“In a Stars, Cells, and God podcast that will be posted within a week or two, I responded to Grusch’s previous media-recorded claims and cited three reasons why his claims are not credible. Here are two: (1) US government security is not capable of covering up such physical evidence even for a year, let alone nine decades; (2) it is not physically possible for spacecraft or living tissue of that size to traverse interstellar space. Such space travel violates the laws of physics.” Hugh Ross Responds to Latest Congressional Hearing on UFOs - Reasons to Believe

I wonder why it is that if one enters the courtroom and lies under oath, they may be held in contempt, however, individuals giving evidence in government oversight committees seem not to be held to the same level of accountability.

I am not convinced by the final statements of the article, the claim that UFO’s are angels traversing the atmosphere on their way to and from heaven. I think that is the most ridiculous thing Ive heard and probably goes to the heart of my fundamental disagreement with Ross’s ministry…its a bit “looney”. However, my interest here is about the scientific smackdown of the former employees’ claim to the oversite committee.


I’m very skeptical, for a fact, I don’t believe it at all, that aliens visited here and are being covered up. Especially not one of a spaceship. I think at best, it’s government funded projects. Like that vertical take off.

The nature, dimensions, laws and rules governing the known universe and life as I understand them make belief in genuine aliens visiting in UFOs astronomically less likely than other explanations. Humans are far more likely to imagine seeing a UFO or mistaking something else for one than there being an actual UFO with am alien inside. Why or how the government would/could hide this information for a century or whatever is also not compelling to me.

Ross gets the age of the universe correct and I appreciate His thoughts on design and attempt at a “testable creation model.” The biggest problem with RTB is that their model is inconsistent with evolution. This, RTB’s testable creation model is false. Not to mention it rests on harmonizing, ad hoc interpretations of Genesis 1-11 and thinks the Bible is inerrant.


Good points. And don’t feel that all here are negative toward SDA. I have had close SDA friends, and agree with them on just about everything, and admit that having Saturday as the Sabbath has a lot of logic behind it, though think it is really of no importance whether Saturday or Sunday is observed. Also, I have worked in a few Adventist Hospitals and have found them to be some of the best.

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We differ about the day as you’ve seen in The Lord’s Day of Rest, but otherwise I agree completely. Both of my parents spent some of their last days in an Adventist hospital near where they retired, and I was impressed. I was also thankful for an SDA church a couple of decades before that we rented when we were part of a church plant and charter members before a permanent facility was built.

Ive often wondered if conspiracy theories are cultural…yankees seem to be so full of them…its like its a consitutional requirement :grin:

I will admit, Australia has one of its own…that former Prime Minister Harold Holt was secreted away by a Chinese submarine and that drowning was a cover because his body was never found. Maybe a leviathon took him :sweat_smile:

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