Howard Van Till: Evolutionary Creation and Theistic Evolution-Is there a difference?

Is there a difference?

Theistic evolution implies more of a deistic approach while Evolutionary Creation implies more of an active role for God in the world. Proponents of these points of view often wrestle with terminology.

E.G.: Howard Van Till refers to his position as the fully gifted creation perspective.

a vision that recognizes the entire universe as a creation that has, by God’s unbounded generosity and unfathomable creativity, been given all of the capabilities for self-organization and transformation necessary to make possible something as humanly incomprehensible as unbroken evolutionary development.

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Evolutionary Creation was proposed by Denis Lamoureux. He wanted Creation to be the noun.

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My thought , Edward, is there is no difference, and the terms are interchangeable.
The difference has to do “branding” and public relations. The YEC crowd likes to use TE and often leave off the T to try to emphasize the evolutionist word which they often use as a slur in their culture war rhetoric… The Biologos crowd tends to use EC to emphasize the role of God in creation. The YEC crowd wants to monopolize the word creationist as being associated with their camp.
Your comments on what the terms “imply” are exactly what is at play.


I wish to thank you for your wisdom. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

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I have to say that you always have something interesting to expound. It was good to hear from you Dr. Phil.

Your brother in Christ.

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I liked your post. You are correct about Dr. L. I feel, however, that the new term is more conservative than the old. It is always good to hear from you and Dr. Phil. That is, of course, just may opinion.

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