How to start or find a local support group?

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Co-ops usually offer classes on a regular basis that are taught by a teacher. You usually have to pay tuition/tutor fees of some kind.

Lots of people are involved in less formal homeschool support groups. These can be as simple as several families with children of similar ages who get together on a regular basis to do activities together. Sometimes they all use the same curriculum, but not always. Some take monthly field trips. Others do PE, music, or art type activities that benefit from having a larger group. They might put on cultural festivals or historical reenactments or science fairs or debates or recitals or other types of public speaking/performance type events. Some might form teams for robotics or other competitions.


Does anyone have any tried and true ideas for meeting other families? What steps would you need to take to get something going in your area? Where would you look to find out what is already going on? What would your ideal group offer?

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State homeschooling organizations can connect you to local organizations that usually have lists of local co-ops and social groups. For example in Florida, we have our state organization called the Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA) and in Jacksonville, FL, we have our local group called Home Education Resouces & Information (HERI).