How Snowball Earth Came to an End

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It’s counterintuitive that one of the most extreme climate states our planet has ever experienced may have actually stimulated the origin of complex life forms. But this does now appear to be the case.

This is clear evidence of ecologically guided evolution, which may be counterintuitive, but true.

This story about “Snow Ball Earth” goes well with the program last week called Earth’s Rocky Start where Robert Hazen breaks the ecological history of the earth into 6 phases based on changes of its surface, 1. Black for basalt, 2. Grey for granite, 3. Red for iron oxide (Oxygen) 4. Blue for water. 5. White for ice (snowball) 6. Green for life as we now know it.

Although this story involving how Rocks interact with Life is basically about ecology, it did not use this word once, but called it coevolution, which is false. Coevolution based on ecological symbiosis is when two forms of life evolve together, rather than how life forms interact with the environment although both are forms of ecologically guided evolution.

As I say the evidence just keeps on building up.


I love the very interesting history of our planet!


Real science provides more and more explanations of the earth’s history. “Creation science” and “Intelligent Design science” never will.

Indeed, I have often asked CS and ID proponents who insist “It’s real science!” to tell me what they would rank as the #1 most significant scientific discovery in the fields of “creation science” and ID for the previous year. I never get an answer. (I do get a lot of angry responses, however. Some of those answers declare, “You are obviously an atheist stuck on materialist naturalism.” That’s quite strange for a born-again Christian like me.)

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