How important is language in science? In Religion? Is Linquistics Relevent?

(Theophilus Book) #1

How much do Linguists follow grammatic application of languages in their search for “what should be understood from what is said?”

For example, if the prime-progenitor of a family followed a specific and specified process for determining cause and effect, shouldn’t we attempt to follow His thought processes by applying the rules of language and its grammar, in determining the result of what He had to say about things?

I guess the real issue is, how important is grammar to understanding? This can be approached from both the Scientific and the Theological perspective. And if you perceive them to be different, can you explain how they differ?

(Jay Johnson) #2

How is grammar important to understanding? How is understanding important to grammar? Important grammar is how understanding? Understanding grammar is how important?

(Andrew M. Wolfe) #3

Can you flesh out your question a little bit with another example, as close to the real world as you can get? I’d love to try and answer your question (fwiw) but it’s still waay too abstract for me.

(Jay Johnson) #4

Please don’t feed the troll.