How historically accurate is the Bible?

The context of the exodus of wilderness does not match with Sinai which was under egyptian control at that time. Fleeing to coastal philistine does not work because philistines are attested after 1200 bce onky. Moreover god has asked them to avoid the land of philistines.

We must set the priority of evidence. First is geograpgy that is relatively definitive over a 3500 year period. Second is archaeology that provides positive evidence but is not definitive because more may be found. Third come etymology that is bublical names being found. Only 4th we have textual parallels. Here too we must look for the main plot. So let us not blow up farthest textual and ignore the three higher.

If Allah and Yahweh are not the same, you may want to check with Yahweh to make sure that you’re not disrespecting Him.

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Considering its stories cover four thousand years but only correlate with 700 at best, 15% is being generous.

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I did. He said these were his two among many names. I say this with humility.

What caused Philistines be so dangerous? How come Hebrews weren’t seafarers like the Philistines were? Would sailing to Yisrael be easier then traveling on land?

This is a challenge for me to communicate. Are you upset with me? During that time I questioned 613 laws that were associated with YHWH? I’d been reflecting a lot after that situation.

As this is an Exodus topic. As when did 613 laws come about., because during the traveling to Yisrael it seems 10 laws., where did these other laws happen, before the 10 or after?

I have a long ways to learn, including my own behavior., one of the reasons I feel I can connect with Moses, because Moses lost it and killed then fled., yet God chosen Moses while Moses was afraid to speak., meaning Moses was real raw very emotional reaction, and in an uncommon situation due to being adopted by daughter of Pharaoh., so placed in two cultures and it emotionally caused Moses to kill., that’s a strong reaction of rage.

So my question to you, how upset are you with me?
And then my next question is, notice how I reacted emotionally, but look how we’re studying Moses who also many times reacted emotionally, yet God used a man who reacts emotionally., isn’t that interesting?

Absolutely not! If I have ever been annoyed by something you wrote, I cannot remember it now; so, I cannot even say that.

And what has any of this got to do with Jesus of Nazareth?

@bharatjj @Terry_Sampson this is association to message above this.

@bharatjj see my breakthrough., how nothing makes sense?

This is why I don’t articulate anything.

this is why I usually say I’m sorry instead of speaking my mind., but good thing @Terry_Sampson is fine.

@Terry_Sampson I’m glad you’re fine. But realistically I did have a breakthrough., sad no one knows.

@Klax also I was going to tell you too.,

But I’m kind of giving up the idea, because look at this?

This is my week area ok.

My first time not saying sorry and speaking my mind.

Now I understand why I say sorry because I don’t know how to speak what on my mind.

But Moses didn’t know how to speak either. So that’s why I relate with Moses.

Oh I never killed like Moses did., basically I was showing how Moses went through so much to the point he lost it.

Ok this message will be about, how I make no sense., and neither does Moses., cause Moses didn’t know how to talk.

Ok well this is a flop and failure but it is my breakthrough, my first time not saying sorry and actually speaking what’s in my mind.,

Sad in a way


You are signalling just fine.

Join the crowd.

Redo @Terry_Sampson

Ok; I appreciate your honesty, that you don’t remember. Thank you for letting me know.

I allow God teach me

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He uses your experience, senses, sense and teachers to do that.

I’d associate God, who lives in me, as light, because I’ve seen white light in people, white light flooding outward while also seeing white light in people.

Have you ever seen white light in people flood out of people while white light is still in people?

Yes, I’ve allowed light within me, teaching me in the midst of my situations, and I comprehend some of my situations weren’t common, so my comprehension was different.

I also knew that light would nourish my spirit heart, continuing the fire burning, as I allowed light to continue teaching me.

One time I was cornered, and I went to light asking what happened, and light fed me first. Fire burned in my spirit heart. I asked why. Why feed me first? Why not tell me what happened?

Light explains to me that it’s more important to feed me first and then learn what happened. Light will teach me more slowly as time goes by.

Anyway, I keep re-learning that spiritual food is what keeps me going spiritually. I’m really more into relationships with light, a personal relationship.

I’ll see if I can articulate this-when I was showing care to @Dale about his kidney cancer, my intention was to show I care. And it trigger me to share too: I had a kidney infection at age 3, and was dying due to being neglected. I made it through. I’m here. So, as Dale asked, did God intervene, with his kidney cancer? Even though it’s my mom who told me about my near death: as I have no memory of this; (neglect is really bad for the body), my parents’ relatives refused to let me see doctors until I was in my death situation. Who does that?
But as mom tells me this, I can’t help but wonder how my kidneys are doing now. My kidneys are healthy.

Basically, that question Dale asked, “Did God intervene?” only triggered me to share earlier.

Even though Dale has this as his testimony, I do wonder if I would have died. I think my parents would have been charged with murdering their child (me) due to their neglectful abuse, even though my mom was held back from other adults to help me, maybe mom would of been not charged, cause she was abused too, but I reasoned this later from hearing what had happened to me.

I survived being neglected. Did God intervene? But then my question is, what about all those children who did die from neglect? Why would I be favored over these other children? Why would God want to intervene for me and not for them?

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Well that’s the right and only question in your situation. And there’s only one possible sound answer.

Skeptical theism (a Stanford article, or maybe a bit more accessible Wikipedia article about it).

Don’t forget Maggie and Rich and some others there.

What kind of fighting skills did the Philistines have that the Hebrews couldn’t overcome, so that God asked the Hebrews to avoid the land of the Philistines?

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