How Francis Collins and BioLogos Changed My Life

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I felt pulled in two directions by science and the Bible.
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A great person- to- person witness!!!

“After watching Dr. Collins in several interviews online, I found his arguments for a more allegorical interpretation of Genesis to be compelling. I was amazed that someone so successful in biology, especially someone who was once an atheist, is now an outspoken believer. After reading his book The Language of God, I began to view science and faith in a far less confrontational way. I later learned that Collins had started BioLogos in order to heal the divide between science and religion in the Christian world.”

Examining the Assumptions of Mosaic Creationism vis-a-vis the Assumptions of Evolutionary Creationism
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Thanks for sharing this Marcus! I have very similar sentiments for Francis Collins and BioLogos. Just thinking about all the people BioLogos has been able to reach in their creation/faith/science crisis is exciting!