How do you find a Christian counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist?

Hello everyone!
For anyone who has had children who use a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist, what have been your experiences? Any advice for finding a counselor for a child or utilizing a counselor in the school district?
Between Christian counselors or general, how have you decided to go with which one? How do you ask if they believe in evolutionary science?

As I said elsewhere an hour ago:

"Eeee. Well, took muh daughter’s advice of a year ago and got an off the peg on-line shrink last month.

An American fundamentalist Gen. 1-11 literalist, a YECist pastor, a bishop no less. I couldn’t believe it when I looked him up (shoulda got the Harley Street Rottweiler?).

Who also happens to be a full on Rogerian Ph.D.

He’s perfect…".

Needless to say I’m one of those ghastly evolutionist liberal ‘Christians’.

He works with teenagers.

I have a consultation with him on Friday, I’ll ask, no names, no pack drill, if he is available privately and if I can send you his email in a PM.

That is a question I’ve struggled to answer for years. I have come to the realization that being Christian is sometimes pretty far down the list of qualities of a good mental health professional. There are good (and bad) professionals both Christian and not. One thing I have seen is a lot of church based “Biblical counselors” who are way over their heads. They may be good to help,sort out people with situational life issues, but should stay away from mental illness. The good ones know that and are quick to refer.
And I think their thoughts on evolution are largely irrelevant, though may reflect whether they have a respect for a scientific approach.


Whennthe time came for a counsilor i just picked a guy my family and close people knew
I still dont know if hes a christian or not. He doesnt know as well about my beliefs

My concerns are having the Christian support, yet having a counselor that won’t chalk it up to “Well you taught your child about evolution and now their minds are worldly and that’s the spiritual battle they’re in.” I prefer myself to have a nonspecific counselor, I don’t mind talking about spiritual things and we constantly talk about science, development, and sociology. I think I’d like to find someone knowledgeable in the church because I grew up without having anyone supportive of my condition. And it was always strictly a spiritual battle and not a biological one. Mental illness and neurodiversity are still largely stigmatized and belittled among Christians, and when it comes to caring for my kids I definitely do not want to spend time with someone who will reinforce that, albeit with good intentions.
Some things to think about :slight_smile: Thanks guys!


A good psychiatrist/psychologist will not tell you something like that in that way…even if they’re Christians. They will listen to you and figure out the roots of your issue, not project their own beliefs into why they think something is wrong in your life. They also may not disclose it on purpose. Many psychiatrists are atheists or non-religious.

That being said, I agree with Phil that it’s usually pretty low on the list of a requirement. You want them to be good at their job. Child and adolescent therapists and psychiatrists are hard to come by in the first place, and you really shouldn’t be too picky in regards to their personal beliefs unless they do interfere with your treatment (aka like you mentioned, they tell you you’ve ruined them by teaching them xyz).

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Very true. Holy unqualified is still unqualified.

That is encouraging to hear. I think I just needed to hear that from a community I connect with :slight_smile: I’ve had great experiences with my counselors and psychiatrists (I move a lot). There definitely does seem to be a fraction of counselors that work with kids, but as I’ve had to search in every new location, this area of specialization may be growing. I may have some residual fear after growing up non-diagnosed and feeling misunderstood :grimacing: But it strengthens my resolve to advocate for my kids and work with their personalities.


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