How Did Stonehenge Stones Move From Wales to Where They are Now?

My 10 and 8 year old boys are watching Nova, and the conjecture about how prehistoric people without wheels were able to bring massive, two-ton blocks of stone to England from Wales was fascinating. Googling on my phone brought up this article. Glaciers, anyone?
. It’s not directly related to Evolution, but illustrates in another way how fantasy can mix with history, bringing us to various collections of data which make us think that something happened either by man-made fashion, or by Nature.

Hmmm… I guess that makes sense. Crazy to think just how much study and research (and apparent disagreement) goes into “simple” questions like these!

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It’s true–a glacier can move everything from huge bolders to dirt, and when the glacier retreats, it leaves the stuff far from where it originated. When I first saw the Mendenhall glacier in Alaska I was struck by how dirty and full of rubble–I was expecting pristine ice!

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Yes, Alaska is incredible, isn’t it? It’ is hard to believe that all that ice can pick up all that rubble.

Supposedly the Great Lakes were formed by glaciers and the Ice Ages. There is some glacial till around here, as well.

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There are megalithic structures literally all over the world. Their construction is quite a mystery and regardless whether they were derived from glacial erratic stones which most were not, still required enormous effort in construction which even today we would struggle to match.

The more important consideration is who were these megalithic builders and why did they build these and what were their mystical beliefs and knowledge.

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