How Berenstain Bears taught me about Adam and Eve

It is true that people often read the creation story from the wrong audience . It is also true with the Berenstain Bears. I often read bad things they say about the children’s series , mostly of feminists or parents. Mama is often hated as much as Papa.

Thanks for posting, @altarush, I think that is an interesting thought. The audience is important when you are writing, and the when you are writing for children, you have to write about situations and concepts that children can relate to and understand. Likewise, when Genesis was written, it was not to children, and the concepts were not childish, but is was written (and transmitted orally before that) for an audience that was prescientific and lived in a polytheistic ancient Near Eastern society. Any specific lessons from Berenstein Bears that you have gathered relating to Adam and Eve?

The book about the Green eyed monster is only one that comes up as temptation.

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