Houston churches that agree with Biologos’s views?

Looking to try and overcome my social anxiety by going to church and doing adult groups, but I don’t know what churches are accepting of science and evolution and all that. Anyone live in Houston who could help a brother out? Bonus points if it’s the church Robert T. Bakker preaches at.


One reason this can be difficult to determine is that there are a number of churches which are simply avoiding the issue. But I would think that is good enough. Personally… I would just ask the preacher, and see what he has to say about it. And the question isn’t Biologos (most are not going to know what that means), but evolution.

Of course, the reason to ask is if you don’t want to be ambushed with a sermon pushing creationism which some might find offensive and explosive.


I think you can find a lot of churches that would agree that EC is comparable with faith. I think there are a lot of other factors you have to look for in a church to see if it is a place you are comfortable in. That said, my daughter used to attend Ecclesia in Houston years ago and enjoyed it. I have not kept up with it so have no idea where it is now. https://ecclesiahouston.org/

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Rev. Harvey Clemons is on our advisory council and he is the head pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist.


I’m not sure if the entire congregation would count as science-friendly, but he has been a great asset to us.

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Heyyy, thanks!

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I will also ask the staff because we had a conference there a few years ago.


Here is Elaine Howard Ecklund’s church. Check out that tagline!


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