Homemade face mask modification for increased COVID-19 protection

This was a nice description of a study done to assess the effectiveness of an idea for how to improve homemade face masks to use during this COVID-19 pandemic


Too bad most women have given up wearing nylons. I used to have whole drawers of ones with small runs in them, back in the early 2000s when the dress code at the school where I taught required nylons with skirts or dresses.


Good info. I don’t miss wearing them either. My husband uses an old nylon stretched over a hanger as a de-esser for recording vocals for songs. Nice to know that S’s aren’t the only things they can help keep out. :wink:


Me too. :grin:

(Nice to know about the de-esser… although it’s primarily a pop filter, I just discovered.)

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My wife needed nylons for a VBS project, wound up buying some really cheap.at the Dollar Store, if anyone wants some. Not sure what they did with them in VBS…

I mainly hear of them for kidney stone filters nowadays!

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Okay, that is a scary thought. I guess it would be even scarier if they suggested using a normal mesh colander.

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Yeah… that… I’m no good at sound equipment terminology. I guess de-esser came to mind because it’s such a cool word. :wink:

Actually, old fashioned tea strainers work quite well (for kidney stones, not Covid prevention.) Just make sure you don’t put it back in the drawer.


My wife has given birth, had her appendix burst after 40 and passed kidney stones while in college. Can you guess which she ranks at #1 in agony?

I’ll give you a couple clues. She delivered within an hour of entering the hospital and they’d hospitalized her and drugged her up with Demerol thinking she had some undetermined female issues when the appendix burst. (Turns out her appendix laid over on the opposite side from normal. Her first words to me when I got called in to sign off on her surgery were “I really like Demoral.”)


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