Historically, or scientifically, the Bible, interpreted right, and translated right, will be right

And other today found true scientifically sound subjects. So why doubt God’s Word as to some subjects that man says are inaccurate.
Evolution, is "de-vil-_volution. The devil is the one who wants us to doubt God’s Word. He did it to Adam and Eve and today he seeks to deceive us the say way. To not believe what God has said. And to believe him, is to open the door for others to doubt all the rest of God’s Word. THAT HE DOES NOT CHANGE. THAT HE WILL FORGIVE AND SAVE. THAT HE WILL BE WITH TO THE END. THAT HE WILL COME BACK. THAT HE HAS PREPARED A PLACE FOR US. THAT THERE WILL BE NO MORE SUFFERING. NO MORE DEATH. NO MORE TEARS. THAT HE LOVES US WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE.
Doubt what He has told us in Genesis, gives the devil ammunition to convince others that all the rest of God’s promises are like the promises of man. Like water in man’s hands.

The Bible is not wrong about how long it took for God to create. He said He did it in 6 days.
How He did it may be in question. But however He performed what He said He did, He did so in 6 days.
A child does not know how their parents earn the money to buy the gift they receive. They just see the payments coming out of the pocket, or purse. As if there is a well of money flowing out.
And there is plenty of reason to accept what God has said, according to how He created man, over that of how this world’s science has said.
If man’s capacity of making mistakes is enough to have lessened the inerrancy of God’s Word, then man’s capacity to err should be even worse when man’s science contradicts what God has said.

There are some here on this site who are thinking that evolution is a god used tool to make man. But that is not what God said. He said that He formed man with His own hands out of the clay of the eath. And then pressed His lips to the lips of clay of the man and breathed into those lips His breath of life. And man became a living being.

There is reason to believe that God did not do this in billions of years., simply because the word used is confined by how God defined what day was. And He said it was an evening and a morning. Simple. That’s it. To brush this definition aside, trying to make it something other than this, is adding to God’s Word, what it does not say. This definition is cemented even more through God’s DAY, that He has given man to come and worship Him on every Sabbath. And this difinition is hardened even more when you add the text that God says that man will come and worship Him every Sabbath in the eath made new. Issaiah 66:23

Can you point me to anyplace in the Bible that explains how God accomplished His will? The Bible says God sends the rain but makes no mention of the physical process that creates rain. The Bible explains why God does what He does not how.

And there is no need to shout.


And there is no need to think I was shouting and not emphasizing. But there is reason to shout. Men and women are being lost because of unbelief. Not believing what God has said, will bring men to not trusting God. And that will lead to death. Death forever.

The Bible tell us about God’s will, and that means that it can not be used to discern what God has done?
You can explain how rain is made. The steps can be recreated and rain can be made.
Show me how those who believe in evolution have ever recreated the steps and shown a lifeform, any lifeform was evolved into.

As long as what we believe does not contradict God’s Word. We are safe from deception. But when ignore what the Bible says in favor of the contradiction, we most certainly are being deceived.

Those who prefer the deception are quite naturally going to believe the deception over the truth, because they are being deceived. If deception is going to live up to its meaning, then it must be able to work.

The only way that we are assured that we are not being deceived is by trusting completely in God’w Word.

Use it as the standard. And you won’t be deceived.
I have a sister She comes up with so many unreal ideas. That something is happening that is not obviously happening. I have tried to be her ground and bring her back to reality. But it does not work. She simply gets mad at me for rejecting what she says, and then closes the door.

If you believe in God. If you believe in His Word. Do so.
God said He created in 6 days. He did it. There are proofs that He did it. And there are those who reject those proofs and make up their own to disprove what God has said. We can hang on to what God has said.

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And the deception that God’s Word has it wrong, is just that. A deception. Satan wants us to be lost. This is the ultimate idea that misery loves company. (mostly he is doing this to hurt God. Because satan knows that God will be hurting for those of us who will not be with Him in eternity). But satan also wants to try to prevent his own destruction. Hoping that if too many of are going to be lost, maybe God will change His mind. But God does not change. He does not need to. He knows the end from the beginning. And He knows that what He has to do. he
will have to do.

All caps is the standard way to indicate you are shouting.

True, if you don’t believe in Jesus you are lost. Unless you are Ken Ham, belief in YEC is not a requirement for salvation.

You may not believe it but I would say the majority of people here are professing Christians and you are preaching to the choir. Your particular interpretation of the Bible is not required for salvation. In fact if I understand you correctly your interpretation is causing large numbers of the young to leave YEC churches.

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There are many things pushing intelligent people away from Christianity, especially these types of accusations or the moral positions that many seem to take, like Franklin Graham. Shaming people who are exercising their free will is not Christ-like. Shaming those taking away people’s freedoms is fair game.

@Shawn_Murphy Do you know how many times Jesus said basically “believe in me”? And I don’t see how you could call this an “accusation”.

Matthew 7:13-14 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it

People are free to exercise their free will but it doesn’t result in their expected outcome.

Yes, Jesus asked people to believe in Him, and they had to choose out of their own free will to do so. He did not pass laws restricting freedoms or shame those that did not follow Him.

The road is very narrow as you have quoted, and it requires humility. This road has no place for “judging others”, only love.

Please expound upon what my type of preaching is?
Do I believe Christ is God’s Son and that He is our salvation? Yes.
Do I believe that should we reject Christ we reject God’s salvation for us? Yes.

Do you have a problem with either of these answers?

Now do you have a problem when God tells us not to sin. And if we insist upon living and cherishing sin in our lives, making that sin,any sin, our god, that God is going to tell us that we are going to lose out on eternal life?

I would say “hellfire and brimstone” but the moderators might slap my wrist.

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Genesis. In the beginning …

That’s why not how.

Example, God created the stars but no where does the Bible teach nuclear fussion. When we work out the process that is natural revelation telling us how God did it. This natural revelation is also God given so we know it is true.

Deuteronomy 25:13-16:

13Do not have two differing weights in your bag — one heavy, one light. 14Do not have two differing measures in your house — one large, one small. 15You must have accurate and honest weights and measures, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you. 16For the Lord your God detests anyone who does these things, anyone who deals dishonestly.

No matter how old you think the earth is, or who or what you think did or did not evolve from what, your approach to creation must fully respect the basic rules and principles of mathematics and measurement. Because any approach that does not is neither scientific nor Biblical.

I’m sorry, but that means that the earth is 4.54±0.05 billion years old. End of story.

How? Then God said…
That’s how.

Yes, if we press Genesis to speak to the how, such as how birds are created, chapter 1 clearly answers this question, “Then God said…” And chapter 2 clearly answers this question, “Then God formed…” So by forcing the Bible to speak to this question, we create contradiction.

Some try forced harmonizations, such as God speaking, and when nothing happens, God forms stuff from the ground. But this rigid literalism destroys what the metaphors of God’s speech and pottery each convey.

The contradiction never even appears if we allow that both chapters give a picture of an event beyond human understanding. Genesis 1 reveals more of God’s transcendence as God simply commands and things happen. Genesis 2 reveals more of God’s immanence as God stoops to the ground to sculpt creatures in response to the needs within creation. Is God transcendent or is God immanent? Does God create in response to needs or according to a sovereign timetable? Both of course, but no single picture can easily get across these paradoxical aspects. Perhaps that’s why God gave us two.

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I see no contradiction. God can form from the ground by non-material means; He doesn’t need to physically mould each one with physical hands.

1:24 And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures of every kind: cattle and creeping things and wild animals of the earth of every kind.” And it was so. 25 God made the wild animals of the earth of every kind, … 2:19 So out of the ground the Lord God formed every animal of the field and every bird of the air …

Sure, God can form from dust, breathe into nostrils, plant a garden, and walk through it in the cool of the day all in non-material ways with no physicality. But the Eden story invites us to picture God in immanent, physical, relational terms.

I think it’s better to recognize that this is a picture rather than absolute reality and then see what this picture reveals about God, creation and ourselves. If we instead try to filter out the physical language of God, much that the story has to say to us might also drop out of sight.


God said He created everything to show He is the only God. Remember the other gods at the time were created creatures. So it is still an answer to a why question.

The problem is you are thinking and not accepting. God said what He said. It is supported in other areas of the Bible. This is how we know what God meant to say. Not by forming our opinions without the use of Scripture. .

But yet someone could turn around and charge you with not taking God at his word in other parts of the scripture. What do you think one of the motivators for the flat earth movement is? It is coming from a particular way of reading the Old Testament that is very similar from how you are trying to tell people they should read the Old Testament.


Everyone, whether they admit it or not, does a lot of thinking and not accepting what God’s word says.

God’s word says I can own slaves, as long as they are purchased from neighboring nations and fathers can sell their daughters into slavery.

It clearly forbids having contact with women who are menstruating.

I know very few Christians who do no work on Saturday or have a problem benefiting from other people working on Saturday. We don’t insist they be put to death as the Bible states.

We eat shellfish, men trim the hair at their temples, we wear cloth woven of two different kinds of thread, and nobody tries to stone us.

Women speak in church, pray with their heads uncovered and wear gold jewelry and braids. Men pray without raising their holy hands. People greet with a handshake, not a holy kiss.