Historian of creationist subcultures looking for a new vocational niche:seeking help

I have benefitted from your thoughts on the various intellectual and social dimensions of creationist subcultures in America. I don’t know if you can help me, but I am getting desperate…well, not really because my parents are wealthy, but I long to find out what God wants as for the use of my dissertation.

  1. I cannot move out of Dallas right now due to bipolar disorder.

  2. Two universities I know have a combined history faculty of about 50 people. Exactly one historian of science. About 400 applications came in for one full time history job at my community college.

  3. I cannot teach full time due to bipolar.

  4. I don’t want to teach public high school again due to the stress.

  5. Archival and library jobs require moving.

  6. I am good at writing and public speaking and have thought about radio and print. I think I could soar there.

  7. I would publish an academic book but laypeople won’t read it. I worked hard on the dissertation to bring the story to laity and their children.

  8. Students caught between pastors and biology professors were the reason I went to seminary and history grad school.

If anyone has any thoughts at all, I really would like to glorify God with the amazing odyssey of the dissertation.

Thank you very much

Congratulations on your work. Can you provide us a reference to some of your work/dissertation? Thanks.

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