High Seas Treaty Opportunity for the Church to Lead

We are called to protect 100% of God’s planet, but often the oceans have been overlooked. The recent High Seas Treaty is an opportunity for us to do our part.


Thanks Robert. What you have said is very helpful.
Care for the High Seas may seem distant to many of us who live inland or in big cities, but I believe we still have part to play. Reducing our use of plastics that eventually find their way into the oceans is something that we can do.
Let’s all play our part.

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Thanks for visiting the Forum, John!

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I have never quite understood the Christian concern for extinction. If evolution is OK, there must also be a mechanism for “un-evolution”. The Permian extinction, orchestrated by God through the laws of nature, eliminated 3/4 of the earths species. The KT extinction eliminated another 1/3, along with the dinosaurs. ONLY after the dinosaurs were GONE were the higher species, like mammals possible. Madagascar is a fantastic place as the animals evolved separately from Africa, with quite separate species.

International laws tend to set up committees that are largely constructed to restrict progress. And, to be in position to obtain large bribes for certain actions…like awarding the World Cup to Qatar.