High School Biology Teacher needing resources

(Jonathon Mills) #1

Good that . I"m a high school biology teacher looking for some classroom resources (powerpoint, notes, student activities, etc.) that I can trust coming from scientists and teachers that don’t come at evolution, speciation, common ancestry, etc. from an atheistic and purely naturalistic viewpoint.

Better put, I’d like to have resources for my classroom from strong men and women of faith and science that don’t make it a point to ALWAYS remind the learner that God is no longer necessary. (I’m not doing a great job of explaining myself.)

If anyone is following my logic, I’d appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you!

Jonathon Mills

(Christy Hemphill) #2

Have you looked through the K-12 educator resources on the BioLogos website yet?

From those resources, some teachers at Christian schools have mentioned that they have found the F.A.S.T. lesson plans particularly helpful.


Also, the Miller-Levine Biology textbook website has links to videos and websites and activities that go with each chapter. I have not personally checked out all the links, but the Ken Miller is a Catholic believer, so I doubt he would be pushing atheism-promoting resources.



Is your school private or public?

(Jonathon Mills) #4

public school. I’ve got some resources that other teachers have helped me with, but as you know there’s a distinct bent in a lot of resources for public schools that focuses too much on how evolution has taken the place of the need for religion and i’d like to find resources that explain the science without bringing up the other. (maybe wishful thinking)


What biology books has your school board chosen to use?