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Over my five years at BioLogos, the most common request we have gotten has been for a podcast. There has been a strong cultural trend (driven at least partly by technological advances) for long-form audio broadcasts, especially when the topic demands some nuance. Seems like the perfect fit for BioLogos, right?

Well, we agreed but have been committed to doing what we do at a high level of quality, and we didn’t think we had the ability to produce the level of podcast we would want… until now! We’re now ready to launch into the production of a podcast we’re calling (with the blessing of Francis Collins) “Language of God: A Podcast on Science and Faith.”

We’ve received a grant that pays for a new full-time staff person who will work on this (and on a new set of videos), but part of the grant agreement was that we would raise money from other sources for equipment, software, and production costs. Our goal is to have the first season of episodes ready to go public by our national conference in March. So we have a lot of work to do this fall in getting things up and going.

First up is the fundraiser. We’re appealing to you, our loyal Forum participants, to help in two different ways:

  1. If you value the kind of message BioLogos tries to communicate about science and faith, and the way in which we do so, would you consider making a financial gift to the fundraising campaign that has just launched? We’re aiming to raise $20,000 for this project during the month of October through lots of small gifts (though we wouldn’t turn down large ones!).
  1. Would you spread the news about this? A crowdfunding campaign like this works best when the “grassroots” get involved. You on the Forum are about as grassroots as it gets for us! Share the link to the Fundrazr page with the people in your networks. If you or your friends are motivated by perks, we’ve got some fun ones you can claim there for as little as $10.

We believe more than ever that our culture needs to hear that you don’t have to choose between authentic Christian faith and the findings of modern science. Perhaps you’ve found that to be true through your interactions with BioLogos. Would you help us tell everyone else?

Thanks for considering.

Find the fundraiser here:

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Neat! That sounds like a great endeavor – especially for people “on the go” who might not have time to read a lot of articles.

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Note: Fundraiser contributors will get a special badge on the Forum. Post below if you’ve contributed, to get the badge!

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