Help needed for pre-recorded academic courses

(Preeta ) #1

Good Morning @Homeschool_Forum , I am a parent and looking for a place where I can find pre-recorded courses for my son. She is having a tough time in her first year of high school. Does anybody know of a good site for homeschooling?

(Christy Hemphill) #2

What subjects? By pre-recorded do you mean video lessons? Audio textbooks?

Kahn Academy has lots of video explanations that go along with traditional high school courses, but I think most people use them to supplement a textbook or class, not to replace one altogether.

Most people who homeschool in high school purchase curriculum from a company that provides homeschool resources, or they enroll their children in online classes or academies and purchase the books and supplies necessary for the course. There aren’t really websites where kids can go to be homeschooled for free. Some school districts will supervise homeschooling and provide resources or reimburse parents for costs in certain circumstances, but that is something you would need to check into locally.

(Malorie) #3

Did you mean the courses where you can download and print? Learnsys Academy is one where you can find practice exercises and step by step explanations.They have both video lectures and practice exercises you can print.

(kendra) #4

I’ve been recently researching online study guides and resources. If you are willing to pay for them, the following look very interesting and can be used for subjects across the board:

just for reinforcement of concepts, quizzes and flashcards…

I’d be curious what other homeschooling parents think of these two resources.


Try Biointeractive! It has hundreds of free science education resources.