Hell , death and the 2nd death?

(Roger A. Sawtelle) #141

This poem was given out as the last words of the Tulsa, OK bomber.

(Shawn T Murphy) #142

I am not sure how this relates to our discussion of perspective.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #143

Some may see those as words of uncowed courage or even victory - but all I see there are words of despair. The self-turned and thus imprisoned mind is to be pitied, not admired. If it were true that death and physicality are the last and only words, then our presumed captainship over ourselves is short-lived if it even ever meant anything at all. And if death is not the last word for us, then we’ll see what a few millenia of lonely self-worship does to the triumphant defiance of the little inward-locked god. I’m betting a few more verses get added that begin to take a quite different tone.