He says "Five Basic Scenarios for Cosmic Creation

(George Brooks) #1

I’m not going to spend any time on the first 2 scenarios: Atheistic Evolution and Deistic Evolution.
But he then proceeds to the final three:

The BioLogos Scenario or Theistic Evolutionism (silence on God as designer)

Progressive Creationism (Old Earth Creationism where God is the Designer)

Fiat Creationism (Young Earth blah blah blah).

This is fairly old video… but I wonder if there is general agreement that BioLogos has been successfully spending more time on God as “designer” as well as creator of a lawful cosmos?

I certainly support that scenario, and wonder if not explicitly allowing for God to be a designer by means of Evolution is really a dead-end scenario.


Article that goes with the video:

(system) #2

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