HarvardX offers FREE 8 course series on biostatistics/genomics

(Chris Falter) #1

Harvard is offering a series of 8 free courses in biostatistics on edx.org. These courses are available from now through the end of the year. If you enroll now and finish one course
per month, you will end up with a solid background, and even ability, in biostatistics/genomics

Video explaining the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwFyIxc4AE0
First course, with enrollment link: https://www.edx.org/course/data-analysis-life-sciences-1-statistics-harvardx-ph525-1x

If you are willing to spend $49 per course, you can even acquire a verified certificate. How cool is that?

The first 4 courses deal mostly with statistical theory and techniques, although the datasets come from biological sciences. You will be doing a lot of R programming! The last 4 courses help you apply the tools/techniques to specific statistically oriented problems.

I have taken the first course and found it very useful. You will have to work hard unless you have a very strong math/stats background, though. The instructors occasionally indulge in stats lingo during lectures and on problem sets, which caused me a little frustration. However, it did not deter me. The occasional moment of frustration was a small price to pay for the terrific educational value.

I aspire to having an intelligent conversation with Steve Schaffner by the time I finish the series!

(Chris Falter) #2

If anyone signs up, let me know. It would be fun to have a friend join me in the quest. :smile:

(Steve Schaffner) #3

I suspect you overestimate the intelligence of my conversations.