Happy Pi Day! Enjoy!

In the midst of bad news, enjoy a slice of pie with a friend but wash your hands first! We are traveling today, but will drive past a place that sells fried pies in the Arbuckle mountains of Oklahoma, so will drop by for one there. Walton gives a good illustration of why we need to interpret scripture in its cultural context using this example. For Pi Day to make sense as an amusing pun, one must know English well enough to know the Greek letter pi and pie are pronounced the same. You most also know pi represents the number 3.14… You must know today’s date of March 14 is represented as 3.14, and you must be in the small part of the world where month/day/year is the convention for writing the date, (to fully appreciate the day, you must enjoy pie and puns). If you do not understand those things, the meaning of Pi Day is lost. So it is with scripture.


Good points there. And if someone didn’t understand the reasons behind Pi Day, they might mistakenly assume that pie holds greater meaning and significance in our culture than it does (not to downplay the significance of pie :smiley: ).

I’ll probably make a gluten-free pie later today… we’ve still got some of last summer’s blueberries in the freezer. Mmmmmmmm…


That reminds me of Thanksgiving at church a couple of years ago:

The actual pronunciation of π is “pee” so modify your celebrations accordingly.

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Promoting that seems contrary to the spirit of this ‘law of love’: Ephesians 5:4 (not that ‘pee’ is not a good word for use in some other situations). Or, you just could have said that the correct pronunciation of π is the same as our letter ‘P’.

LOVE THESE!! My husband gained a few pounds when working a rotation near there…

Well that’s the saddest news I’ve heard all day! And that’s saying something! :rofl: :wink:

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Pie update: We got some pie to-go to celebrate, and ate in the comfort of our own home, ala mode. I might have another slice today. :heart_eyes:

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