Happy Epiphany!

Happy Epiphany to our Orthodox brothers and sisters! Maybe you can explain more to us about the significance in your tradition than shown in this fascinating BBC article:


Greetings, Brother, and sincere thanks for your discussion. The ritual of remembering and acting out the life of our Lord so it has relevance to us seems very good and healthy to me (though the cold water is not something I would personally have chosen!).

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Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing your thoughts @OrthodoxNeophyte. In Roman Catholic and Protestant circles, Epiphany is the celebration of the magi visiting Jesus.

Whilst I might not necessarily make use of holy water myself, I love that the Orthodox church has ‘blessings for anything and everything’. I recently heard a paper presentation by an 80y/o Orthodox nun who said something that really struck me. She said, that since Jesus has experienced all of life then all areas of life (except sin) are both blessed and blessable.

This outlook is something that is sorely missing in my protestant circles. For two reasons I think:

  1. An overly naturalistic outlook can sometimes steal away opportunities to encounter God and his blessing in even the seemingly mundane things of life.
  2. The sacred/secular divide that still holds sway often tricks people into thinking that only Christian (or Christianised) ‘things’ are worthy of God’s blessing. Eg. church services, evangelism, church volunteering, etc.

But if, as you rightly said, all things are to be brought into the kingdom, then all things can be blessed. Thank you for that reminder.


Hope you have a wonderful Epiphany and have a blessed day and God bless. Makes more sense in why many Eastern Orthodox baptize in the cold waters now. Love the Orthodox church for its rich history and tradition.


More generally, it’s about the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles, as prophesied in the Old Testament.


This sad news is something we all share in, as those who attended Epiphany in Ethiopia suffer a collapse of a stand.

It was also amazing to me to discuss a diverse and ancient tradition, in a country that has been Christian longer than any of us in Europe have.

Trusting you will pray for the folks who lost loved ones in this sad occurrence.

Very true. Thanks for unpacking it a bit more :slight_smile:


Would you enjoy an Epiphany carol? If so I could post a few.


Sure, go for it! :smiley:

Hi. Sorry for the delay.
Three Kings from Persian Lands Afar
by Peter Cornelius. Sung by the King’s College Choir ( a famous Anglican choir of all male students)

The words:

Three Kings from Persian lands afar
To Jordan follow the pointing star:
And this the quest of the travellers three,
*Where the new-born King of the Jews may be. *
Full royal gifts they bear for the King;
Gold, incense, myrrh are their offering.

The star shines out with a steadfast ray;
The kings to Bethlehem make their way,
And there in worship they bend the knee,
*As Mary’s child in her lap they see; *
*Their royal gifts they show to the King; *
Gold, incense, myrrh are their offering.

Thou child of man, lo, to Bethlehem
*The Kings are travelling, travel with them! *
The star of mercy, the star of grace,
*Shall lead thy heart to its resting place. *
Gold, incense, myrrh thou canst not bring;
Offer thy heart to the infant King.

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