Happy Easter to all!

I wouldn’t call the sermon “Resurrection” (from which the following excerpt is shared) to be George MacDonald’s most brilliant writing self (pretending that I would even be in a position to rate such a thing.) But even if that observation was generally accepted, it would not trouble the author one whit to hear it, as he has written elsewhere in words put into his protagonist’s mouth: “I don’t much care for a sermon that makes a listener think more highly of the speaker than of the one spoken of.” In that spirit, then - here is just a snippet for meditation.

From G. MacDonald:

If Christ be risen, then is the grave of humanity itself empty. We have risen with him, and death has henceforth no dominion over us. Of every dead man and woman it may be said: He–she–is not here, but is risen and gone before us. Ever since the Lord lay down in the tomb, and behold it was but a couch whence he arose refreshed, we may say of every brother [and sister]: He is not dead but sleepeth. He too is alive and shall arise from his sleep.

Happy Easter everyone! May we live to, for, and in our risen Christ!


Thank you Mervin,
I would also like to share two inspirations sermons on the empty grave and Christ’s battle with Death.

The Empty Grave – What Happened After Jesus’ Death?
In order to better understand all the events in connection with Christ’s resurrection and ascension, it is essential to have basic knowledge of the plan of salvation and redemption as well as of the influence of odic forces. A pious returnee had this very experience; he knew little about the spiritual world and its laws and had many erroneous ideas. Thanks to his commendable life he was shown the realm of God, and this brought him into a closer relationship to Christ, the King, and allowed him to continue in his service.

Christ’s Battle in Hell and His Triumphal Reception in Heaven
After his death on the cross, Christ, together with Michael’s legions, surged into the realm of the dead and defeated his adversary with spiritual weapons. When word was received that their King was victorious and had fulfilled his task, the jubilation of the spiritual world was overwhelming and beyond words. The opulence and splendour of his reception back into heaven is indescribable: of all that exists in the spiritual world, the most exquisite and beautiful was brought forth.

Happy Easter

He is risen indeed.

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I think the Easter message is best summed up with one of my favourite songs:

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If we’re sharing songs, here’s my current favorite Easter one:


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