Happy Birthday, Darwin!

The American Museum of Natural History says,

Happy 209th birthday, Charles Darwin! Two centuries after his birth, nearly everyone knows his name. Keenly observing nature in all its forms—from fossil sloths to mockingbirds, primroses to children—Darwin saw that we all are related. Every living thing shares an ancestry, he concluded, and the vast diversity of life on Earth results from processes at work over millions of years and still at work today. Darwin’s explanation for this great unfolding of life through time–the theory of evolution by natural selection–transformed our understanding of the living world.

And HHMI BioInteractive has some short films and other resources to help you (and your students if you’re a teacher) understand The Origin of Species.


I was wondering what the thoughts of TEs/ECs are on Darwin Day, which seems to be quite a common holiday promoted by secular humanists.

And to keep us humble, here’s quite the article:
Many Animals Can Count, Some Better Than You.

(Oh well, Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, when millions of Christians remember that we are dust, and to dust we shall return.)

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Can’t speak for anybody else here, but take a look at the Clergy Letter Project.

Boy, I’m glad I clicked to look, because, not have been introduced to The Clergy Letter Project, I thought you were referring people to The Clergy Project. A rather different animal, to say the least…

BioLogos actually makes an cameo on the Wikipedia article for Darwin Day, fascinatingly enough:

Support for Darwin Day comes from both secular and religious organisations. Many Christians who support the concept of evolutionary creation, such as the Biologos Foundation and GC Science, celebrate Darwin Day, believing that evolution was a tool used by God in the creation process.[29][30]


I gave a talk at our humanist community 2 weeks ago, asking the question “Why Darwin Day?” You can find it here.

As holidays go, Darwin Day is pretty tame. I’m not sure it really counts as a “holiday” but I guess we can dream.


My kids, at a Christian school, actually have the day off today!

(Of course, they call it “Lincoln’s birthday,” but whatever. You say tomayto, I say tomahto…)


I know we aren’t supposed to get political here, but I saw an add for the following t-shirt earlier today and really want to get it for next year!!



We should call you HMS Beaglelady


Einstein and Darwin. 2 greatest scientist of the last 2 centuries!
However, Darwin-lovers may find his tour map from Wikitour.