Great article on what "intelligent design" SHOULD mean

Favorite quote:

Intelligent design as a scientific theory is an abject failure. Intelligent design as a Christian conviction is a rousing success.


RJS’s blog is one of my favorites, also echoed on Scot McKnight’s blog on Patheos. I think that there is a philosophic kernel of ID at the heart of EC, with the difference explained nicely in that blog.


Are you familiar with the wonderful oratorio called “The Creation” by Franz Joseph Haydn? It includes a glorious setting of this very scripture. Listen here: The Heavens are Telling. This chorus has also been adapted as a hymn.


The diagram is good, but misleading. Religion, meaning Christianity (there is no something named “religion”) i9s not the same as philosophy. Christianity and philosophy are two different but related disciplines and realities.

Thus we have three aspects of Reality interacting, so what we have is not a dualism, but a trinity, which is how Reality reveals God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.