Good theological audiobooks on Audible “ free with subscription list”?

I recently got the audible app for $8 a month. The $15 a month plan made no sense to me since I’m not a big audio book fan and prefer paper books over audio books and can find the bulk of them for less than $15. But I do enjoy the 11k or so free with subscription books though unfortunately it has none of the authors I look for. They are all on the $15 1 credit a month plan. So I was wondering if any of y’all have Audible and know of any good theological books on the “ free with subscription “audio book list.

Audible won’t suit my needs. Do you mind if I ask what authors you are looking for? You can PM, if you prefer.

Hoopla is free through many public libraries and has a large percentage of the audiobooks audible charges 1 credit a month for. You can checkout 20 or so titles per month with hoopla.


I like it. I kept trying to use it and for some reason kept running into issues with it using my library card.

No particular author since all the ones I was looking up was not available there. Almost nothing as far as modern commentaries, nothing by Pete Enns, NT Wright, and so on. They were also the “ credit books “. I have it free for month. I got it originally because I could get it free for a month if I got the month $8 subscription and it has about a dozen alien and predator books and books like the original Halloween horror book and so on. But I don’t enjoy listening to just fiction all day and like to alternate with nonfiction and so i figured I would see if anyone here had it and if they had some good books on theology from the “ with subscription “ list.

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That’s too bad. I’d definitely follow up with your library and maybe get a new account number. There are so many great titles available.

Did you have a chance to see any of the A Very Short Introduction audiobooks or The Great Courses lecture series? Zondervan also has a nice collection of lectures on various theological issues and books in the Bible.

I did not but I’ll look for them. I’ll go to my library probably on Tuesday when they reopen and see if I can it.

I am not sure of other theological books (some of Enns’ are on, but not free), but I did listen to a meditation by Marcus Aurelius that was 32 minutes and free. I thought it was well done, and really fascinating–I have not read him before. I like the Stoic point of view. Thanks

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