God's Plague of Mammoths

Pax Christi, everybody!

This may be dipping more into the anthropological than scientific, but it does involve The Last Glacial Maximum and The Bible (somehow, just bear with me folks) so it should be okay.

Because man and mammoth shared a world up until relatively recently, one would expect to find cultural memories of said creatures floating around. Some are more obvious and expected, such as the Dolgan of Siberia who have encountered these beasts frozen in permafrost, while others are a great deal more shocking, like the legend of the Stiff Legged Bear and various ogre legends world wide. Petr Jandacek addresses these and makes all kinds of intriguing connections, which I shall link below.

Now that’s all well and good, but there’s one piece of evidence he asserts that I think is a bit of a stretch; okay, he tries to make a really weak connection between Abrahamic Faiths and elephant genitals, but that was just a guess, here’s something he’s brought up multiple times:
Petr claims that some have interpreted a part of The 4th Plague as having involved tentacled creatures from the deep with a name bearing mammoth roots (siloni), yet I can’t for the life of me find who these people are.

What do you guys think? Sound familiar to you?



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Without really knowing to much about it I highly doubt it was giant tentacled deep ones coming up. The river is supposed to be like no more than 40 feet deep with much of it half that.

I know Jewish scholars debate between it being a swarm of insects versus a swarm of wild beasts. But ultimately I don’t think anyone knows.

Could it have included mammoths though. Possibly. I think there is evidence for mammoths being around as late as 3,900 years ago though the majority seems to have went away 10k years ago and the last several generations were these tragic genetically jacked up inbred animals. I don’t know of mammoths are in Africa or Egypt though. I imagine it’s definitely possibility. But I know essentially nothing about Egypt or mammoths.

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In Siberia and North America.


To be fair, he isn’t arguing that mammoths emerged from the sea in this story. He does believe that the alleged monsters were unconsciously given mammoth characteristics though.

It will be interesting to read why he came to these conclusions nonetheless.

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