God's Love is R(evolution)ary

Deeply considering our ancient evolutionary past can illuminate our view of God’s present love for us.

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Do we really understand the enormity of God’s Love for us?
This has been a large part of our research over the last three decades to answer the first curiosity question of a late bloomer, i.e. “So, how does this Creator actually create living entities like us?”
The research was part-time for several years but the discoveries inspired a full-time endeavor for the last 16 years resulting in a new life science we are calling “atomic biology.” The reason for the name is that answering the above question took us into the dust of gardens, fields, and orchards where the correct numbers of the correct atoms have to be found, sorted, selected, counted, precisely assembled, and hooked up to make every molecular machine and other cell part for every cell for every carrot, potato, strawberry, or apple that is constructed for our nourishment, every day of our life. Phewwww, what a lot of work!
Then, of course, these same food atoms have to be sorted, selected, counted, precisely assembled and hooked up to make all of our cell membranes, 40 types of molecular machines, and other cell parts for our 200+ different types of cells.
A major turning point from part-time to full-time research came when we looked closely at red blood cells (RBCs). They all wear out and have to be replaced within about 120 days. From C.J.Pallister, we learned that a 150 lb. male is provided with about 2.3 million new RBCs every second, 24/7. Then we learned from G.J.Tortora that each RBC is composed of about 280 million molecules of hemoglobin, and from Max Perutz we learned that each molecule of hemoglobin is constructed using about 10,000 correct atoms. Doing the math this means that about 6,400 Quadrillion correct atoms are found, sorted, selected, counted, precisely assembled, and hooked up every second 24/7 just to make replacement RBCs for a 150 lb. male. We can calculate how many atoms per second have to be handled for each of us by putting our weight in lbs. over 150 and multiplying by 6,400 quadrillion.
Obviously, this is a lot of work and care for each of us. Should our Creator get 100% of the credit?
We believe He should and here is why: Scientists have proven over and over during the last 70+ years that we cannot make a complete living cell out of elements. We simply do not have enough intelligence.
The best we can do is copy pieces of living cells and transplant them into other living cells, but that is a long way from building a living cell from scratch (elements).
Building living cells obviously takes intelligence that is far beyond mankind’s level. We call it Super-Intelligence.
There is only one such super-intelligent entity known to mankind and that is our Creator, the God of our nation.
This is why we give Him 100% of the credit for building our grown foods and using our food atoms to build our cells and us.
Are these solid reasons for faith, praise, worship, and Thanksgiving?
Is this kind of God’s Love, “Revolutionary?”
Is this logical? True? Any believers?
Will this information be useful for the Kingdom?

Great article, thanks for posting!

The author’s initial idea that most people have spent more time reconciling the differences between science and Genesis than looking for God in evolution is definitely true of me.

I usually think about all of the death that had to happen for evolution to take place but don’t spend much time thinking about the life that also happened, I’ll definitely have to give the dinosaur Apple TV+ series a watch!

Thank you, Ryan.
Is the addition of evolution to God’s life-producing works for each of us, a benefit to the Kingdom or a harmful compromise?
Evolution, as taught in our public education systems, is an unguided process that enforces the exclusion of God regarding both the origin and cause of Life.
Trying to mix an unguided process with God’s construction work for all living cells and entities, seems both confusing and harmfully deceptive.
Our research says that God earns 100% of the credit for creating and sustaining each living entity, including us.
Does anyone here agree?

(I think Ryan was referring to the OP.)

Do you exclude God from being sovereign over the weather? Neither do I exclude him from being sovereign over evolution.

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(That has a familiar ring to it that some might recognize. :grin:)

Do you think we should change how meteorology is taught? :wink:

Could it be that in imagining a God who has enjoyed and created billions of years of life on Earth that we can begin to see his profound patience with us now?

Speaking of God’s patience reminds me of the verse in Lamentations and that if it were not for God’s patience and love through the work of Christ wanting to adopt more into his family, the earth would have been a cinder long ago, so to speak:

Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.
Lamentations 3:22

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