God's Astonishing, Surprising, Evolving Creation

I believe we rightly honor God by investigating and understanding the wonders of evolution in his created world.
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Thanks to @GaryFugle for the great article.

@GaryFugle wrote:

All Christians assert that God brought the physical world and the diversity of life into existence. Beyond that, we can be very open to learn more about the specific methods he used to do so.

Very true, except you need to add that God created all in the universe through the Logos, the rational Word of God the Son, Jesus Christ. (John 1:1-3)

That precludes Natural Selection through relentless struggle for survival, or survival of the fittest as Darwin said.

Thanks for the wonderful article.

A beautiful, inspiring article, thank you. I love this:

I encourage Christians to consider evolutionary ideas without anxiety, not as a compromise, a sad surrender or a dilution of our faith, but as part of our ever-expanding, glorious view of the God we worship.

I believe that the evolutionary process is one of the strongest signs of God’s creative majesty. Some day, I pray, Darwin and even Dawkins (Ancestor’s Tale, edited slightly) will be taught routinely in Sunday School, and in Seminaries.


There are two problems at least with what you wrote. First we have to replace Western dualism whi8ch draws a bright line between the Natural and the Supernatural. The natural is not the opposite of God.

Second we need to reject Survival of the Fittest as taught by Darwin, Dawkins, & Co.

Third, we need to reject emphatically the “science” The Selfish Gene, and Climbing Mt. Improbable,

Did you find that passage in Darwin’s Myth that I cited for you?

Thank you @Mervin_Bitikofer and @Sy_Garte.


i just read this, great job,

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